Why Paying Your Restaurant Employees More Now Saves You Cash Later

I thought this was on target. If you do not pay your talent (yes-talent-hard worker, that loves to serve with a smile) an attractive wage, they will leave. The cost of turn over compared to the cost of keeping a great employee…Hmmmm…What to do…What to do.

Jim Balis' Blog

The restaurant industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates in the nation. A new study shows that low pay and benefits are the likely culprits. It also indicates that it would be beneficial to a restaurant operator to look for strategies in order to retain old employees rather than paying to hire and train new ones.

The study entitled “High Road 2.0: A National Study of Human Resource Practices, Turnover and Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry,” conducted a phone survey of managers from 1,150 restaurants around the country. The study examined management practices and outcomes across four customer segments; upscale fine dining, casual fine dining, moderately priced family restaurants and fast food/quick-service restaurants. The results were telling indeed.

Just How High Is the Turnover Rate in The Restaurant Industry?

Amazingly, almost one in every two fast food workers quits or is fired each year, bringing the turnover…

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