3 Smart Strategies to Help Manage Your Restaurant’s Food Costs


Jim Balis' Blog

Shrewd management of food costs is critical to any restaurant’s success. It won’t matter if your service and menu items are outstanding if you’re not making enough of a profit margin with the ingredients to come out on top. Fortunately, there are a number of food cost reduction strategies you can employ to reduce waste and help add some cushion to your bottom line.

Waste Management Is Crucial to Trimming Food Costs

One of the simplest, cheapest things you can do you reduce your restaurant’s food costs is to implement an effective waste management program. Some restaurants do this by using tracking software that weighs everything out, keeps tabs on the inventory in use and tracks the amount of waste being produced. Others do this by not letting any little scrap go to waste. For instance: citrus skins can become marmalade, piths can become lemon cream, pits of…

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